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The future of linemarking ensures perfect fields every time Perth, Western Australia


SportsTech Marking

We offer sports linemarking in Perth for a wide range of sports including, soccer, AFL, Rugby, Baseball, Softball, Cricket and Athletics (including curved and straight running tracks, javelin, shot put and discus). We also have specialised designs like Gridiron, Handball and even Quidditch!

We have officially sanctioned templates for all sports to ensure your fields are perfectly marked every time. Our state of the art technology direct from the US utilises satellites to ensure that whatever the sport, wherever the field the lines will be marked straight and in the best position for your field.

We can travel if you are outside Perth so if you are somewhere else in Western Australia please reach out!

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Perth Sports Linemarking services

Precision Linemarking Services for AFL, Soccer, Rugby, Softball, Teeball, and Athletics – Elevate Your Field to Perfection!

Looking to elevate your sports field to a whole new level? Look no further! SportsTech Marking, based in Perth and serving all of Western Australia, offers precision linemarking services tailored to various sports, ensuring your field is game-ready, every time.

At SportsTech Marking, we take immense pride in our expertise in linemarking for a diverse range of sports. Whether it’s AFL, Soccer, Rugby, Softball, Teeball, or Athletics, we’ve got you covered. Our lines are not only straight but precisely where they should be, adhering to the specific regulations and standards of each sport.

How do we achieve this level of precision? We employ cutting-edge satellite technology to map out the lines accurately, leaving no room for errors. This ensures that your field not only looks visually stunning but also meets all safety and gameplay requirements.

But that’s not all – we offer customisations too! Want to add text or logos to your field? No problem! Our team of experts can incorporate any custom design you desire, making your sports field truly unique and branded.

So, whether you’re preparing for an intense AFL match, a spirited soccer tournament, a rugged rugby game, a lively softball or teeball match, or an athletic event, let SportsTech Marking take care of your linemarking needs. With our precision and attention to detail, your sports field will be ready for action, and your games will be played at their best. Experience the difference with SportsTech Marking – where perfection meets play!

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Rugby Sports Marking

Our rugby fields have perfect lines marked how you need them. We have the following templates available;

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Baseball Sports Marking

Our baseball fields have perfect lines marked how you need them. The template includes the following;

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Softball Sports Marking

Our softball fields have perfect lines marked how you need them. The template includes the following;

Why Choose Us?

Sports Field LineMarking

Our sports field linemarking complies with sporting body requirements.
Soccer, AFL, Rugby, Baseball, Softball, Cricket and Athletics (including curved and straight running tracks, javelin, shot put and discus)

GPS Accuracy

Not only are our lines straight….. And where they should be – All remarking is guaranteed to be within 1cm of the original line.


Traditional linemarking relies on manual measurement, laying lines and then painting. Once we have laid the template using GPS technology our robot is ready to go!

Eco Friendly

We run on a rechargeable lithium battery and consume less paint than traditional methods.


The sky is the limit when it comes to personalisation’s.
Imagine all of your fields marked with their number, an arrow pointing to the canteen or acknowledging your clubs anniversary.

Customer Service

We understand the value of volunteers time, we will check mowing and watering schedules to ensure the best result.

We communicate when we are arriving on site and send completion pictures when we are done, removing any guesswork.

Faq’s About

Sports LineMarking Perth

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We arrive at the field, take a GPS scan of the space and apply the template. At this time we can adjust the size or orientation of the field. Then Ro-Bi gets on its way!

We keep all of our GPS scans and field placements so remarking is as simple as arriving at the field and sending Ro-Bi on its way!

Only if you want to see Ro-Bi in action.  

Approximately 30 minutes from arrival.

We sure can!  We understand sometimes sport changeovers don’t go to plan.  Ro-Bi doesn’t need daylight to get to work.

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That will depend on your mowing schedule, rainfall and growth of the grass. 

We are able to add growth inhibitor to the paint if required.  


Field numbers

Directional arrows to canteen or toilet facilities


Announcements / Congratulatory messages

As often as you need to.  The pitch at the start of the season is very rarely the same pitch by the end.  Damage, water run off, flooding can all impact where you need your lines to run.

The sky is the limit!  We look forward to working with you!

Our staff have current police clearances, Working with Children cards (WWC), and we carry $10 million Public Liability Insurance for peace of mind.